So apparently there’s this customer of Aston Martin – he might be famous, he could be in the fashion industry, he’s definitely into his cars, he’s very obviously rather rich – and he turns up at the factory recently, takes a quick look at the One-77 that’s pride of place in the foyer and says; “I think I’ll take two of them, if that’s alright with you.”

Once Dr Bez, the boss of Aston Martin and who has just shown the customer around the car, picks himself up off the floor, he replies; “Of course, and can I ask why you want the second car?”

Turns out the customer isn’t just an aesthete with a mad rug and an enormous bank balance, he’s a bit of a techno-head on the quiet as well, and by that I don’t mean he goes to the Ministry of Sound at the weekends. This bloke is so impressed by the design of the One-77’s carbonfibre monocoque, he wants to hang it on his wall and stare at it – and to do so he’s quite prepared to buy another One-77 and strip it bare so he can display it within his ‘living space.’

Which is quite some display of wealth, given that Aston Martin is only ever going to make 77 One-77’s, each of which will require a deposit of £200,000, with a further £850,000 plus local taxes being payable on delivery. In the UK that means £1.2 million a pop. Or, in the case of Monsieur Monocoque, £2.4 million for one whole car plus a somewhat extravagant box of bits.