I've never even driven a Tata Nano. But I know enough about it to proclaim it as my car of the decade.

Why? Because it's likely to get a whole nation on four wheels. Company boss Ratan Tata wanted to get Indian families off the perilously dangerous scooters they were perched on and into the safety and relative sanctity of a properly engieered and affordable new car.

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It's not all been smooth though. The original idea was for the car to cost around £1000. Most, though, will be sold for about £1500. Still, with finance deals and the like that should open up car transportation for a much bigger chunk of the world's largest democracy. In fact, it's been a victim of its own success as there's currently a huge waiting list. But a big ramping up of production next year should ease that.

Will we look back on the Nano as the 21st century Model T? That may be overblowing it a bit. And Mr Tata may be altruistic but he also knows a good business decision when he sees it.

But the Tata Nano is a proper game changer nonetheless.

Then again I'm actually going to get to drive one on a trip to India next month, so I reserve the right to tell you if I've changed my mind...

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