You find the oddest things on the internet (and I don’t mean this blog). Only this lunchtime, while digesting a ham sandwich, I visited the Citroen BX 4TC Register, a website dedicated to finding the location of, and helping to preserve, Citroen’s ill-fated attempt at a Group B rally car.

As you might expect, what cars remain (and it’s a patchy existence) are principally in France and Belgium. But one chassis number caught my eye; could 00XL0047 really have made its way from a line-up of 200 pretty average four-wheel-drive BXs to the Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, USA?

A quick visit to confirmed as much; there, in the heart of Music City, is a plain white, seemingly immaculate example of mid-1980s competition-based engineering gone mad. Frankly, the thought of it gave me indigestion.

My curiosity is not quite satisfied, though; the 4TC Register lists one of the 20 ‘Evo’ cars as in the UK under ‘project’ status. Given that the vast majority of these cars were crushed, someone in Blighty is apparently sitting on quite a rarity. Care to come forward and let me have a peek?