Last week, Autocar photographer Stan Papior borrowed the Jaguar XJ long term test car and gave me his Infiniti M30d for the evening. ‘It should be fine’ he said, ‘there’s 74 miles range left in the tank.’ 

My commuting round trip is 25 miles, so I could have just about handed the Infiniti back to Stan without having to fill the M30d with fuel. If I did fill it, Stan would then drive off into the distance with a tank of ‘my’ diesel. 

So I decided to drive home, and then back to the Autocar office, at maximum economy.  A recent Autocar forum thread on ‘hypermiling’ reminded me what can be achieved with thoughtful driving. 

My 12 mile inner-city run is quite challenging. Much of it is busy city streets and I have to ascend three steep inclines, though I start out and end up at river level. So, the inclines mean I can always roll down the other side. 

I have a little experience of super-economy driving. Last autumn I drove the Mercedes B-Class fuel cell car from Brighton to London and managed to get to the capital with the fuel meter reading ‘0.98’. Merc’s fuel cell guru said anything under ‘1.0’ was good going.