I visited Mini’s Oxford plant this morning to witness the majority of the 40 battery-powered Mini Es being handed back by the ‘pioneers’ who had been running them since June last year.

In the UK test, the 40 cars travelled a total of 128,000 miles, with 7000 miles being the biggest mileage accrued by a single Mini E driver.


The project was effectively a live experiment, using on-board data loggers, to find out the true nature of typical journeys. It’s a project being repeated across the globe, using 612 Mini E models. 

Dr Julian Weber, from BMW’s Project i division, told me that the company had learnt that the range of the Mini E was enough for 95 percent of journeys. ‘Single trips averaged about 20 miles and people quickly learnt when they really needed to recharge the car. Typically a Mini E would be recharged every three days and most of the drivers preferred to recharge at home. Two thirds of the drivers never used a public charging point’ said Weber.