5 June 2014

The unassuming Swedish estate gets the full-on Q-car treatment, endowing it with 345bhp and 369lb ft from its turbocharged six-pot engine. Steve Sutcliffe discovers if the bright blue barnstormer is worth its lofty £49,775 price tag.

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Artolini 26 June 2014

Any One Knows this Piano

Any One Knows this Piano Music in the Begining ?
Peter Cavellini 10 June 2014

Sorry, but..........?

Still a hefty price,125 coming to Britain,124 painted White with a Blue light on top......?
Citytiger 11 June 2014

It might be a bit pricey, but

It might be a bit pricey, but considering its strictly limited numbers, and its got every extra thrown at it, its only a similar price to a less powerful S4 Avant if you match the spec, but with the added bonuses of actually being fun to drive, a with a ride quality that will not shake out your fillings, and its not an Audi.
Citytiger 6 June 2014

The suspension mods are made

The suspension mods on the Polestar are made by Ohlins and rather expensive apparently, but the ride and handling of the standard S/V60 have been significantly improved for the 2014 MY, and from understanding Polestar are having a hand in the ride and handling of all future Volvos and helped develop the new generation chassis and engines (the first fruits of their labour will be the new XC90).
winniethewoo 11 June 2014

The Volvo salesman told me

The Volvo salesman told me the 2010 S60 was tuned by a famous rally driver but it didnt show. I hope the SPA platform cars are competive in terms of ride and handling. Volvos are fabulous in other respects. V thoughtful, for example on the test drive I noticed that the interior of the car didnt stink like other new cars. The salesman told me Volvo only use glues and materials that don't off gas, so you only get a faint new car smell. In comparison, the new ford focus I tried stunk so badly, it made me feel sick after 15 mins and I had to drive with the windows down!