21 March 2013

Renault's new Clio RS 200 is unlike any before it, and not just because it dispenses with a manual gearbox. How does it fare against rear-drive coupes like the Toyota GT86? Steve Sutcliffe heads to the hills to find out.

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MikeSpencer 8 April 2013

Metaphor to describe Clio RS vs GT86 video

Forgive me if this sounds a bit odd, but when I watched this video I thought about painting -  not the DIY sort but real artist-spec watercolours. Stick with me here... Imagine the Clio RS as a painting by numbers kit. Sure there's work to be done, it will take time to complete, and the results will be rewarding. Nevertheless, you're still left with your interpretation of a template that has been preselected by someone else. That's how I see the Renault. Conversely, the GT86 is a blank canvas, pure and simple. Ultimately the end results will rely much more heavily on the inputs you put in, and you alone. However, this effort will be amply rewarded by the feeling that you've created something truly unique, without the help of an unforeseen guiding hand. Or maybe this is a load of cobblers, I can't decide. Back to the cars: It would have to be the Fiesta ST for me, that is, until Renaultsport quicken up the downshifts on their dual-clutcher or swap it out for a proper manual 'box.

Ofir 7 April 2013

Irrelevant comparison.

Interesting comparison but irrelevant as they are worlds apart in concept. I indeed wonder what a good manual gearbox would make of the clio but we will never know. They have given up.

Peter Cavellini 23 March 2013

Hmmmm?, it's ok, but......

Nice Shorts by the way Steve!, i think it's a matter of safety, if your car control is like Steve's(?)then, yes, the GT86 is your car, but, if your not, and are merely Mr/Mrs Average, then something that flatters,is less hard work,but, give you the advantage in give or take driving,then i think the Clio is the tool for the job,still think it has some Yaris DNA in it though!