21 March 2013

Renault's new Clio RS 200 is unlike any before it, and not just because it dispenses with a manual gearbox. How does it fare against rear-drive coupes like the Toyota GT86? Steve Sutcliffe heads to the hills to find out.

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21 March 2013

... compared with the old one,  it's faster, more economical, more refined, smoother, more roomy... yet bland and not so much fun.

Wonder when it’ll be Fiats turn to build a proper Hot Hatch again?  They know how to do it (Lancia Integrale) and that 1750TBi is just waiting to go in a Punto…  this might be their chance...

21 March 2013

I just wonder how much more people are willing to pay for a slower, less accelerative, less economical, less roomy car, with poorer grip etc etc. The answer would appear to be about £6000 according to this review. That you also have to dig deep to get at its performance tickles me. You would have to be very dedicated to your cause (whatever that may be) to pay 6k more for something that is going to be beaten by the family hatch.

These facts alone confirm that i am way past it and that I would never consider either of these cars. Each to their own.

21 March 2013

and does every thing better than a make believe sports car, why would any thinking person buy the Toymota?

21 March 2013

The renault is the best car in the world

21 March 2013

A sports car is supposed to make you feel good about life. That's why it wins this test. The Clio sounds like a very impressive car but the smaller engined, cheaper versions make even more sense.

21 March 2013

I don't blame Renault for selecting a turbo based engine and making it 'all grown up'. That's what the market demands and I expect this Clio will outsell its predessors... well, it would done if it had a manual option. Whether it's good or not doesn't matter; it's the perception of autos and the fear of costs if it goes wrong that will restrict its market. I cannot understand the decision not to offer a manual option.

I'm intrigued by the GT86 and would like to drive one. I can certainly picture it in 15 years time: chavved up, burning out tyres in closed supermarket car parks by the boy racers who want a 'proper' sports car!

The comments section needs a makeover... how about a forum??

21 March 2013

Guess I'm a bit of a cynic. Can't remember the last time I agreed with someone word to word.

I find something dissentive even in things I almost entirely agree with. Guess that's just me.

But on this one occasion in this one video it feels like Steve Sutcliffe is speaking out my heart.

If Autocar can put some decent clothes on him I'll take him as my motoring Guru, my saint!

22 March 2013

Looks awful,[beep!] sounds like a cash register [beep!] & has a terrible gearbox [beep!].  It's too soft and it's very dull. Call it anything, but this attempt is not RS badge worthy.


22 March 2013

Go back and watch the RS Clio Vs RS Focus.  I seem to remember someone telling me how much grip the Clio had, and how good that particular characteristic felt.  Oh, that was a Clio Cup by the way, so it would be good to compare apples with apples and not a full fat Clio 200T with the old Cup car, or even this GT86 which will probably be more than £6k after discounts from both manufacturers and a very different kettle of fish.

And the old car beeped too^. 

Going to wait for Chris Harris' video.  He'll be driving the Cup car on track, apparently there's a lot of sideways action so that set-up doesn't exactly corner on rails.   

22 March 2013

Chris Harris is the complete master of the car test video, my friends and I were discussing why he is so good ? Is it the boyish enthusiasm, the train number collector factual knowledge or his imperious driving ability ? Maybe it's all of these added to his brilliant narrative ?


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