28 August 2013

The new 552bhp Porsche 911 Turbo S is supremely fast, but does that make it a brilliant supercar? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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Peter Cavellini 9 September 2013

Yes! yes it is.........?

Key phrase?............World's most usable day to day supercar.

Ofir 29 August 2013

MP4 for me

I would stump up another 30K for a Mclaren. This might have insane capability because of that AWD system but once you are up and going at proper speed the 12C is much more capable, and probably much faster due to dragging 200 KG less. Not to mention "sense of occation".
The GTR is closer to the 911 Turbo than the 911 to the Mclaren.
Much more exclusive too so will hold its value, as much as that is relevant.

6th.replicant 29 August 2013

2.9 or 3.1 0-60 - who's correct?

PistonHeads quotes 3.1 0-60 for the S, as does Evo. Yet, Steve 'Pawshh' Sutcliffe says it's 2.9. Who's correct?