25 October 2013

The Lotus Exige V6 Cup is almost the dictionary definition of a sports car. Plenty of power and not a lot of weight. In the pursuit of purity, Lotus has divested the Exige of unnecessary luxuries and installed a supercharged V6 engine from Toyota.

As a result, the Exige S Cup weighs not much more than 1000kg, which provides a power-to-weight ratio that will embarrass all but the most ambitious supercar drivers. Sutters travels to Lotus' test track in Hethel to drive the Exige V6 Cup S road car and the Exige V6 Cup R racer.

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25 October 2013

Any chance of an Exige V6 Cup R race series? Much more fun to participate in - and watch - than many others, surely? Cheap(ish) too.

25 October 2013

What a car every time I read or watch a video about it I am amazed. It is really alone in that category in being extreme but only to the point that would allow it to be usable on the road. And the weight and size is of a nineties hot hatch.


26 October 2013

From what was mentioned regarding the tyres on the Cup, are they a realistic option if an owner decided to run their car as an everyday driver, in all weathers?

12 February 2014
Yes they are. I have used them in all weathers. They are better in the wet than the previous Exige's Yokohama A048s.

26 October 2013

I suppose they are unless its really wet in which case you wouldnt want to push the car too much anyway. But who cares? Wouldnt stock Pirelli or Michelin/Continental be sticky enough in the dry while being able to handle the wet?

27 October 2013

I find the tyres work well in both the wet and the dry on the track. They last a lot longer in the wet too! The car is light and has pretty wide tyres (rear 265s) for its size so the potential for aquaplaning should not be forgotten but no problems to date on wet roads. I don't think any other tyres would make a huge difference.

If anyone wants to see some more track videos of the V6 Cup, check out my youtube channel, just search for DrPittenstein!


28 October 2013

The yellow race car sounds pretty naughty from the outside, too much transmission whine on the inside though.

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