20 August 2013

With 542bhp, the Jaguar XFR-S finally has the firepower to go directly up against the German elite. Steve Sutcliffe pitches it against the mighty Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG in the ultimate supersaloon battle.

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TheDriver 27 August 2013

Drifting off again

A decent enough review,but as is so often the case Steve cannot resist smoking rear tyres in childish drifting. It may be fun on a closed circuit,but for how many cars of this type and price is it of any relevance,safety or legality in the real world?
There is also the ever more apparent issue of JaguarLandrover charging truly premium prices for their new products - I think £80k is simply too much for this car,which is probably £10k overpriced.

bomb 27 August 2013

Einarbb wrote: Would never

Einarbb wrote:

Would never dare driving so fast with so many sheep around.

Watch a few of Chris Harris' Drive videos on youtube, it's standard practice for this bit of road. I'm surprised it's not lined with plod adding points to the licences of enthusiastic journos...

Einarbb 24 August 2013

Driving over sheep

Would never dare driving so fast with so many sheep around. But in one part of the vid. one can see a sheep entering the road just after him passing clearly intent on crossing.