4 November 2013

They're both handsome, reasonably practical cars. They both have an engine in the front sending power to the rear wheels. And while the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta will hit 211mph, the Toyota GT86 will 'only' reach 140mph. But the thing we're interested in is this: can a £240,000 supercar thrill its drivers on track more than a £25,000 Toyota? Matt Prior takes both to Snetterton to find out.

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Turismo 4 November 2013

Or if you are interested in

Or if you are interested in exclusivity and thrills, then buy the GT86 and spend another £30k modifying it. You could replace most panels and parts with carbon fibre. And give yourself a 400bhp 2.0 engine.
fadyady 4 November 2013

Having said that...

... its a rather brave comparison (and some might suggest a bit far fetched), I should say for the GT86 that there is no loss in trying and not succeeding. For the money the thrill is incomparable.
Peter Cavellini 4 November 2013

Bored now.........???!!!!

No!,not really,FerrariF12 is the best looking car they have made in ages,the GT86,it's your everyday car, isn't it?