29 December 2017

What is the best driver’s car you can buy in Britain in 2017? To find out, Autocar took the finest performance cars on the market today to Castle Combe for our 29th annual handling day.

The Wiltshire circuit is fast and fearsome, and at times soaking wet weather added substantially to the challenge. But Matt Prior, Dan Prosser and Mauro Calo shrugged off the conditions to put the contenders through their paces in this huge mega-test.

Join us as we drive, assess and slide the living daylights out of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Aston Martin DB11 V8, BMW M4 CS, Caterham Seven 420R Donington Edition, Honda Civic Type-R, McLaren 720S, Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate, Mercedes-AMG GT-R and Porsche 911 GT3, to find out which is the most enjoyable of the lot.

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Ravon 31 December 2017

GT4 Gearing

I have a lowered 3/4/5 ratio’s in my GT4 along with a Guard Motorsport LSD, all painlessly installed by 9e. The car is transformed ! The car does have other mods too, but the gear ratio change is extraordinary.

Boris9119 31 December 2017

GT4 Gearing

Ravon, thanks for that info, do you know if the lowered gear stack is available in the USA? I am aware of the Sharkwerks mods, but at their pricing it brings the GT4 close to a GT3 in cost, which to me makes less sense.

Boris9119 31 December 2017

What would you do?

So, currently fortunate to drive a GT4 and have no serious criticism of it bar the long gearing that in daily driving pretty much restricts me to 1st - 3rd gear, depriving me of the gearchanging enjoyment that this manual offers. Now my GT3 allocation is confirmed and I have to decide whether to take the allocation (requires me to commit to selling back to the dealership the GT4). I cannot afford to own both cars, and I am really struggling with this decision. I accept it is a lovely dilemma to have, but I would sincerely appreciate any advice on why I should either keep the GT4, or why I should swap into the GT3. My gut tells me to go with the GT3 as its more 'adrenaline inducing' when driving, but then the the GT4 is such a sweet intimate drive.... Your thoughts?

Peter Cavellini 30 December 2017


It comes down to taste,in the excellent Video you get a snapshot of the presenters opinions on the Cars chosen, and, as often said conditions weren’t ideal,but , at the end of the Day it comes down to this, your money your choice, you’ll drive your choice however you wish....happy new year!!!!!