25 March 2021

Volkswagen's fast Golfs give you a lot of options. This is the Golf GTI Clubsport, which is more than a Golf GTI but less than the range-topping Golf R.

It's a more powerful and focused Golf but unlike, say, a Honda Civic Type R or Renault Sport Megane, it aims to retain a degree of the Golf's fabled daily usability.  

The Clubsport's power is up by 59bhp and torque by 22lb ft over a regular GTI, thanks to a different turbo and revised cooling, so it has 296bhp (300hp) and 295lb ft - enough to turn the heads of those considering a Type R or Megane?

Those outputs mean that its 0-62mph time is just 5.6 seconds, while it has a top speed of 155mph. In the UK it costs £37,315. Join us on wet UK roads as we put it to the test.


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