30 November 2018

The seventh-generation Porsche 911 is, in Turbo S guise, a cruise missile of a sports car. With 580bhp being sent to all four wheels and a top speed of over 200mph, there are some supercars that would have a hard time keeping up with it in a straight line.

You might think a four-door saloon has no hope of matching it for outright pace, but Porsche has something that should put up a good fight.

The Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid is the fastest Panamera Porsche has ever built. It may be at a 700kg weight disadvantage, but its petrol-electric powertrain produces an even more impressive 671bhp. 

Join Dan Prosser as he pits the two Porsches against each other in a half-mile drag race, to see which will cross the line first.


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1 December 2018

 Fast enough, occasionally Seat four, decent Boot too, yes, the best of both Worlds.

3 December 2018

Well it may not be as far fetched as you think. Porsche have already hinted at 911 electric assistance, and what better way to get pure petrol heads onboard than to enhance a petrol 911 with  E-Hybrid tech. Then one day just drop the petrol engine and BOOM you been had.

3 December 2018

Anyone else see his Morris Dancing skills?

3 December 2018

Love how it whistles over the line like a jet fighter. Want.

19 December 2018

Porsche required controlling the VW futures market and using that to influence a buy-out of VW that they would not have otherwise had the liquidness to pull off, Childrens Doctor available in midland.

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