Feeling its age now, but revisions help it look a little sharper.
12 November 2005

What’s new? The Bug’s been given a mild, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it facelift. There are revisions to the bumpers and wheelarches, restyled front and rear lights and different (cheaper) VW badges. It’s all very subtle, but it does manages to make the Beetle look a little sharper. What’s it like? Apart from the small revisions, it fees the same as it ever was: a bit stodgy to drive but a nicely relaxed cruiser. Funky but cramped inside. Should I buy one? The notion of the Beetle as fashion accessory is long gone. But there are still things to commend it, especially in this entry-level guise. The Beetle remains a well-built and (reasonably) fun car. Chas Hallett

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