As with all cars, there are areas of the Toyota GT86 that could be improved. But, in this car’s case, where would answering the criticisms take you?

We’d like a bit more torque, but we don’t want a turbo making it heavier or spoiling the response of the naturally aspirated motor.

The affordable performance car that we’ve been waiting for

Some would like less interior noise and some more solid-feeling interior materials, but we love the fact that the Toyota GT86 tipped our scales at only 1235kg.

It's true that we think that the GT86's tyres look a little under-nourished too, but the poise, balance and, crucially, accessibility of its chassis would surely be compromised by adding wider rubber.

With the GT86, then, it is necessary not just to accept a few compromises but, as with a Caterham Seven, positively embrace them, for they make the car what it is. 

They’re visible, audible, tangible characteristics that serve to remind you that you’re driving the keenest, sharpest, most enjoyable and loveable small sports car for a generation. 

Importantly, it's an accessible sports car  - one which won't break the bank to run either - and it's a refreshing alternative to the likes of the Mazda MX-5 for those seeking lightweight rear-drive fun.

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