Beneath the new look and technical overhaul, the essence of Suzuki’s miniature 4x4 remains largely untouched.

Most importantly, the Jimny is a hugely competent off-roader that’s capable of going places where more expensive SUVs would have a tough time following. At its price point, rivals with a comparative ability off the beaten track simply don’t exist. And, for many, that will be the only thing that matters.

Charming 4x4 is capable and affordable but retains its dynamic foibles

However, just like its predecessor, the new Jimny remains a compromised vehicle for on-road use. While many of its dynamic shortcomings – its choppy ride, cumbersome handling and limited grip level – can be forgiven, it’s a shame Suzuki didn’t achieve a more modern-feeling blend of off-road capability and on-road handling security and drivability.

As it is, the Jimny’s off-road capabilities earn it a ranking berth among the niche rivals, but its dynamic flaws will likely prevent it from achieving the breakthrough market success its visual appeal might otherwise merit.

Even so, it’s one of the most likeable cars we’ve tested this year – and that has to count for something.