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Lacklustre engine, but still an extremely well-adjusted car

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Skoda Yeti

The Skoda Yeti crossover is a member of the fastest-growing niche of vehicles, where it's chunky charms still shine in an overcrowded segment

Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI CR 110

What is it?

This is the Skoda Yeti 2.0 110 TDI. The entry-level diesel version of the new compact crossover foregoes the Haldex four-wheel drive for standard front-wheel drive and is expected to make up the majority of UK Yeti sales. This is also the only model where you will find a five-speed manual in place of the six-speed that is standard across the rest of the range.

Otherwise you still get the oddball looks, practical seating layout and solidly built dash that benefits from a liberal use of switchgear from the Superb.

What’s it like?

Totally composed in every situation. The lack of four-wheel drive doesn’t detract from the Skoda Yeti’s sure-footed road holding and supple ride. Even very rutted surfaces are absorbed well by the MacPherson strut and multi-link suspension setup (a modified version of that found in the Octavia), and the wide, short dimensions plus torsion stabiliser help to minimise body roll.

The high roof, large glass area and high-class switchgear also add to the grown-up-but-not-old impression that starts with the Yeti’s polarising looks.

In this form the Yeti does lean more toward practical than funky. There is no hiding the fact that the 109bhp turbodiesel will appeal to those shopping for economy above all else. It’s frugal and adequate for the job, but needs to be worked through the gears if you want any acceleration at motorway speeds. It's not a bad engine, but certainly one that lacks fizz and refinement next to the entry-level 1.2 TSI petrol engine.

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All of which means that you’ll be buying one of the most comfortable cars on the mass market, which in this guise will be great value to buy and run. Even the kids will be happy as they get individual seats that have reclining back rests and can slide backwards and forwards.

Should I buy one?

Yes, but you probably won’t. Skoda predicts low sales in the UK for the Yeti, which is a shame given its ability to make modern motoring hassle-free.

The 109bhp turbodiesel will be usefully frugal but the lacklustre engine isn’t the one to go for if you want anything more than basic transport. The more powerful 140 TDI engine is worth paying the extra for if you do a lot of miles, but the flexible and willing 1.2 and 1.8 TSI engines are both entertaining and practical.

Whatever model you choose, once you’re past any initial consternation over the brand and model name, you’ll find yourself in one of the most well-adjusted motors on the market.

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19 June 2009

Looks like a decent car but 'Yeti' is already appearing on Stupid Car Names lists alongside the Honda Life Dunk and Daihatsu Charade. No one is going to want to explain to their friends that they chose a car called the abominable snowman.

My wife asked, "Is it one of those viral marketing campaigns?" - presumably thinking that the real car with the proper name will be launched later.

Yeti... what in blazes were those clowns thinking?

19 June 2009

Read the review, can't see much much 'odd' about it's looks though. I like this car a lot apart from the daft name. Maybe that was dreamed up by someone also involved in the vile Roomster.

19 June 2009

Looks like a solid all rounder, and a worthy car, as you said. Even the price is right. For someone that doesn't normally do four wheel drives, Skoda should be pleased.

The UK market does seem to be fractured in to two main camps as far as genuine 4x4's are concerned. People either wouldn't think about buying one or if they do, they want a "genuine" or "premium" 4 x 4.

This puts Skoda in a no mans territory, that as you say will mean it sells very few. Ironically, I reckon if this was a two wheel drive machine, and could rival the Berlingo Multispace or Fiat Doblo, just with a little more comfort, they could sell loads.

May be it's charms will grow on people in time and if it makes it to a Mk2 version that will sell better?

19 June 2009

[quote TegTypeR]The UK market does seem to be fractured in to two main camps as far as genuine 4x4's are concerned. People either wouldn't think about buying one or if they do, they want a "genuine" or "premium" 4 x 4.[/quote]

Now, this is what they call doublespeak. What you probably meant is that UK buyers are absolutely brand-obsessed; in other words, if a car doesn't wear a BMW badge it's regarded with suspicion.

That probably explains Skoda's very conservative sales forecast. I hope it sells briliantly elsewhere, because this Yeti apparently deserves to.

19 June 2009

Looks a good car.

get rid of all the "extras", get the price under £12k for an entry level model and i have to say I would quite fancy one in green with a white roof (LR style)

19 June 2009

[quote TegTypeR]Ironically, I reckon if this was a two wheel drive machine, and could rival the Berlingo Multispace or Fiat Doblo, just with a little more comfort, they could sell loads.[/quote]

Read the article! This 110BHP TDI and the 1.2TSI are both available 2wd :)

19 June 2009

I'm a VW salesman and there's a Skoda dealer next door I wonder if they've got any jobs going? Seriously with this and the new Superb I'm really impressed they are coming up with some really interesting stuff, am I the only one who thinks the Roomster is quite a nice car? No I didn't say that. I hope the new Polo is as good as the reviews have said so far and the new Passat, which is just around the corner, is going to have to be a belter otherwise I might go and see the Skoda DP.

19 June 2009

They would have had MUCH higher sales if they had of built the Yeti as was the concept - and not this Renault Kangoo lookalike. They made a HUGE mistake in my opinion there, and they will pay for it in lack of sales. Concepts are almost always well received - as was the Yeti concept. Yet manufacturers then bring out something almost totally different! The worst case was the Vauxhall Antara. Beautiful 2-door concept - minging 4-door reality, and I still haven't seen one on the roads yet! Skoda should have hidden that rear door handle to make it more streamlined. Too late now.

19 June 2009

What's with the "wood" in those interior shots?

At least Skoda are giving this vehicle *almost* proper engines! Petrol ones sound cracking.

20 June 2009

Love the name and the looks, i just want it with a 1.8 tsi and a dsg , grrr


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