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Steering, suspension and comfort

You could 
be forgiven for expecting the Skoda Yeti to drive with limited agility. The reality, though, is that it will change direction quickly and predictably, and with surprisingly little body roll and none of the nose heaviness the styling might suggest. 

The van-like seating position, however, discourages you from driving it like a conventional car. But get past this and the Yeti delivers a decent balance of front and rear grip and eagerness to turn. As with the performance, it is not the Yeti’s outright ability that impresses us most, but the overall feeling of togetherness.

The Skoda Yeti drives far better than you might expect it to

The electric steering, although not tremendously feelsome, is accurate and its weighting is consistent. It makes piloting the Yeti, whether in town, across country or on the motorway, a natural and untaxing process. 

Similarly, the suspension responds with an accuracy that makes the Yeti easy to place through faster corners, and the roll rate is nicely matched to the speed of the steering. 

But has Skoda focused on agility to the detriment of comfort? The short answer is no, although with some qualification. For the most part the Yeti rides very well, and at speed it remains level and composed. Over short, sharp intrusions there is a little more firmness.

It’s not uncomfortable but there is less suspension movement than you might expect, especially given the notable amount of space between the Yeti's wheels and wheel arches. 

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Its basic competency continues off road. Where fitted, an off-road function gives a softened throttle response for more control on loose surfaces, but no amount of button pushing will adjust the ride height so it's slippery surfaces for the Yeti rather than deep mud and ruts. 

However, with your ambitions kept suitably in check, the Skoda is difficult to upset. Where a loss of traction is concerned, the baseline ability of the Haldex is high and standard hill descent takes the potential bother out of troublesome declines.