Practical, rangy, well priced. Hits a sweet spot in the EV market

In the still relatively new market for affordable EVs, we’ve seen manufacturers try to score headlines with outrageous power outputs, longer ranges and lower prices. The Skoda Enyaq, by contrast, aims for a sensible, middle-ground compromise. It doesn’t pioneer any new technology, and it’s built on a model architecture that has already had some kinks ironed out by Volkswagen and Audi.

This, however, might well be the sweet spot for the family EV market. It impresses with a roomy and cleverly thought-out cabin that is a match for the Audi’s on tangible quality; with a rounded and mature chassis set-up; with performance that should satisfy most drivers; and with an attractive base price. Only a handful of awkward design decisions, some slightly annoying active safety features and drivability quirks and a slightly mean standard equipment tally keep it from a higher score.

Quite a few essentials are optional as part of a pack, so study the standard kit carefully. Watch with the interior ‘designs’: some are quite pricey.

The cost of the technology is likely to make EVs of all shapes and sizes seem pricey compared with combustion-engined options for years yet. But it hasn’t stopped Skoda from hitting on a family car that seems to offer more for less – and that’s quite a tonic.

What Car? New car buyer marketplace: Skoda Enyaq iV