Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

The Leon eHybrid has two jokers to play for fleet drivers: the barely breached £30k price it has in FR trim and the 6% benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax qualification that its 40-mile electric range qualifies it for.

Those two factors together mean that a company car driver paying 20% income tax could run it for as little as £31 a month in BIK alone. And while Skoda is due to bring both upper- and lower-end latest-gen plug-in hybrid versions of its new Skoda Octavia to the UK market, VW is set to leave the Golf eHybrid off the UK price lists, putting all its PHEV hatchback eggs into the GTE’s basket – and that should certainly leave extra room for this Leon to breathe in UK sales terms.

Leon equipment levels are impressive, as we’ve mentioned earlier. Euro NCAP has yet to release its crash test data on the car and the eHybrid ’s UK insurance groups are also still to be announced – although, if the VW Group’s other PHEV options are any guide, the insurance groups should be only slightly higher than for a mid-level petrol option.

Where running costs are concerned, your real-world fuel economy will be whatever you make it. Our average test fuel economy return reflected the fact that overnight charging of the car at the time of our test happened mostly to be impossible.

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