The third-generation Renault Mégane RS has reached an early zenith with the new Trophy-R – if that is, in fact, what it represents. We should remember, after all, that the R26R emerged only a year before its parent model was replaced, and the original Trophy-R was another end-of-run production. So there’s clearly time before the end of the Mégane IV’s factory life cycle for Renault Sport to dial up the performance volume of this extra-hot, track-ready front-driver even further, as ridiculous as it sounds.

If it does, there is no doubt that the lion’s share of its attention should go to the car’s powertrain. That both engine and gearbox play only serviceable parts of the Trophy-R’s dynamic appeal sells this car conspicuously short – and in exchange for more than £50,000, any hot hatchback owner has a right to expect nothing less than the truly special.

Better on road, stellar on track, but still not Renault Sport’s finest

But for an understandable lack of on-the-limit fun factor, though, you could reasonably expect no better of the Trophy-R’s chassis and suspension, which makes for exceptional handling agility and dynamic composure on both road and track – and for a track-day package that bristles with hugely appealing performance purpose and credibility.

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