Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

Renault had trouble shifting all of its UK allocation of the R26.R Méganes, to the extent that they were fairly heavily discounted towards the end, and their values are up to and around £20,000 now. But Renault made more than 200 right-hand-drive R26.Rs: this time there are just 30.

Don’t be surprised if the Trophy-R holds its value better even than our residual experts suggest. For other costs, it should be broadly in line with the standard Trophy, such as the 26.2mpg on average and broaching 30mpg when cruising – in the unlikely event you do much of that.

Low volume is likely to keep values high for the Trophy-R, even compared with more usable, upmarket options

We'd re-spec the air-con and stereo though. Unless you're a diehard fan that wants the best then it's probably worth steering clear of the optional Nürburgring pack as well. It may add bigger front discs but the six-point harness is a pain in the neck most of the time and the lighter battery makes a negligible difference.