We’ve been here before. The 911 is improved beyond question. It’s easier to live with than before and superior to drive, for the most part.

It’s all the good bits of the first generation 991 tweaked and enhanced. Then there’s the significant bit, which, as usual, will upset the purists.

The 911 is improved, again, but not in a way that’ll make everyone happy

If you’d never driven a naturally aspirated 911, and perhaps even if the GTS had never existed, the arrival of a turbocharged Carrera wouldn’t be a big deal.

But when you come from cars that rev to 8000rpm and feel like they’re getting better and better the farther around the dial they go before hitting their limiter, into one with lag to its throttle response and a more rounded end to its delivery, then it’s a slight anticlimax.

Two things to note, though. First, like moving to water cooling and electric steering, it’s inevitable and we’ll get used to it. Second, this is still a good engine and it’s in the best sports car.

As a result, the Porsche 911 tops our top five list, as it remains the definitive sports car, even if it appeals now more to the head than the heart, but it is followed in close attendance by the Jaguar F-Type R Coupé, BMW i8, Lotus Evora 400 and the Mercedes-AMG GT.

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