From £75,0749

Does Porsche's decision to introduce turbochargers across the 911 range damage its heritage? Or is the foundations of a new era for the supercar you can use everyday?

Namesort icon 0-62mph Top speed CO2 MPG Price
2dr 4.80secs 181mph 195g/km 33.20mpg £85 253
2dr PDK 4.40secs 180mph 172g/km 37.70mpg £87 641
Black Edition 2dr Carrera Cabriolet 5.00secs 177mph 216g/km 30.70mpg £81 852
Black Edition 2dr Carrera Coupe 4.80secs 179mph 211g/km 31.40mpg £75 074
Black Edition 2dr PDK 4.60secs 176mph 195g/km 33.60mpg £84 377
Black Edition 2dr PDK 4.40secs 178mph 191g/km 34.40mpg £77 599
S 2dr 4.50secs 190mph 202g/km 32.10mpg £94 698
S 2dr PDK 4.10secs 188mph 178g/km 36.20mpg £97 086