From £75,0749

Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

The turbocharged Carrera is much cheaper to run than the old model. Emissions of CO2 – a key criteria in a sports car with a healthy fleet following – have been slashed, particularly for the popular PDK-equipped models.

The Carrera S’s 28g/km reduction sees benefit-in-kind tax tumble, overhauling slower rivals such as the BMW M4 and Jaguar F-Type V6. Neither of those cars can match the claimed 36.7mpg, either.

The 911 is sure to be a safe investment as it holds out well against sturdy rivals

The 911 on test couldn’t live up to that, but a real-world 27.3mpg remains an impressive average for a car with near-supercar performance.

That it can be specced to attain a near-supercar price tag remains a 911 constant.

Our test car’s £107,203 final cost raised few eyebrows – testament to both the Carrera’s overall quality and Stuttgart’s unerring ability to make it seem like appropriate value.

In our minds, the standard Carrera conceals its turbo boost better, but is noticeably slower than the S, so on that basis we would opt for the car tested here as it doesn’t ruin the comfort of the ride. However, if greater driver involvement is your modus operandi then you can't look far beyond the GTS.

We would also add the £558 lowered sports suspension option, and the sports exhaust – even though it costs an additional £1773.

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