Well-engineered. Not exactly an enthusiast's choice, but still probably the best in its class.

What is it?

Peugeot's entirely predictable successor to the 206 CC, the car that kick-started the whole non-premium retractable hard-top thing in Europe. As the 206 cabrio sold four times the anticipated volumes, a 207 based successor was always inevitable.

The new car is bigger, claimed to be more comfortable and, in range topping form, features the same BMW joint venture turbocharged motor that we've already seen in the 206 GT, a downtuned version of the Mini Cooper S's engine.

What's it like?

Surprisingly good, if this is your cup of tea. Peugeot has systematically targeted most of the 206 CC's weaknesses with the new car. There's a spacious cabin and decent dynamic behaviour. It's certainly more than up to exceeding the handling expectations of its likely young, urban based and (whisper it) overwhelmingly female ownership demographic.

The range-topping THP petrol turbo engine needs to be worked surprisingly hard to produce decent urge, something that doesn't auger well for lesser versions, but cruising refinement is impressively good with the roof up and scuttle shake is well contained with it down.

So should I buy one?

Most of us will probably still find it hard to get excited by the CC, but it's a well engineered product that's cleverly aimed at its target audience. The range-toping petrol turbo engine doesn't feel as quick as you'd expect of something with 150bhp, but as an overall proposition it still feels like the car the rest of the growing segment will have to beat.

Mike Duff

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