Motorists are challenged to drive from Paris to Geneva on one tank of diesel
26 January 2010

Peugeot is challenging motorists to travel from Paris to Geneva on just one tank of diesel as part of its new eco driving challenge.

The Peugeot Eco Cup takes place on the eve of the Geneva motor show and the firm will pick 72 motorists to take part in the 1000km competition.

Successful entrants will be given either a 207, 308, 3008 or 5008 HDi model to take on the drive and the motorist who uses the least fuel in each of the four different cars will get to keep their car.

Entries are invited from 18 European countries before 15 February. The route starts on 28 February and motorists must complete the pre-defined route in 30-36 hours or face disqualification.

Jon Goodman, Peugeot UK's managing director, said: "We are seeking the best of the best in eco-driving, taking everyday but highly fuel-efficient Peugeot cars over a testing route to see just how far they can stretch their fuel capability.

"Will anyone make the finish on one tank? We’ll have to see."

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26 January 2010

Can you use a trailer?

26 January 2010

1000km, is what 620 miles... My Megane is capable of 800 miles between refills with a 60l tank, so 1000km would be easy

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