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Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

The 207’s cabin looks transformed in comparison to that of the old 206, but unless chrome instrument surrounds are your idea of innovation, you will struggle to find anything that breaks new ground in this interior.

Peugeot had obviously been stung by the relentless (and entirely justified) criticism of the 206’s driving position, and therefore ensured that no one would ever make such a complaint about a 207. Not only is the fundamental relationship between the pedals, seat and wheel as it should be, but the wheel also adjusts for both rake and reach.

This is how auto headlights should be: there’s the option on the column stalk to leave them off entirely

The driving environment is still disappointing. The black-on-white dials of the Sport version look dated, as does the centre console with its unattractive buttons, dials and slots. At least it is all trimmed in decent quality materials and gets a leather wheel and gearlever.

There’s good legroom, too, but only if you care little about the person sitting behind you. Four average-size adults will achieve reasonable comfort, but only a child will be happy to be the passenger behind a tall driver. Stowage space is limited, with nothing under the floor of the boot and a minuscule glovebox. At least it provides a couple of cup holders and map pockets.

Sadly, though, the 207’s cabin lacks versatility. While the rear seat is of a split-fold design and can be removed, it neither slides nor reclines, giving a take-it-or-leave it cabin configuration, not to mention a too-upright backrest.

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The 207’s five-star Euro NCAP achievement is worthy of praise in a small car, and owners are likely to be just as impressed and reassured by the sense of solidity exuding from the whole car. Doors slam with a chunky thud, noise levels are well controlled and the whole car smacks of a quality no 206 owner would ever recognise. Having said that, the 207’s quality still isn’t distinguishing in a class now packed with even more expensively appointed models.