The Nissan Juke has mellowed and matured agreeably enough in transition to second-generation form. More important, though, it remains much the same enigmatic choice that it used to be and has gained some practicality and good manners to address the most conspicuous vulnerabilities of the original version.

Chances are that if you liked the quirky looks and youthful energy of the first Juke, you’ll find the same things to like this time around. If you’ll often fill those back seats with bigger children or adults, meanwhile, and have much to carry in the boot, or suffer with craggy roads close to where you live, you’ll find quite a lot less to dislike about this car than you might have the previous one.

New Juke is impressive in some respects, but outstanding in few

The first-gen Juke might well have got away with its paucity of crossover class competitiveness on the basis that, when it was designed, there simply wasn’t a class to compete in – but that’s not the case this time. Knowing as much, Nissan has made the second Juke ready to make the grade in most objectively measurable ways, although it doesn’t stand out in enough respects to threaten class leadership.

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