From £130,7258

Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

Anything with an Mercedes-Benz S-Class badge will be expensive; combine it with an AMG designation and you’re looking at a big-ticket item. As such, the S 63 tested here cost £149,165 after options.

That prices it similarly to the Aston DB9 and Bentley Continental GT V8 S and makes it substantially cheaper than a Ferrari FF. Only the latter could compete with the S 63’s usability – but that doesn’t take running costs into account.

The S 63 is a far cry from the residual savagery big Benzes used to suffer. It even beats the Bentley Continental GT

Even with its new V8, the Bentley is slightly slower, thirstier and less efficient than the S 63, although it does have four-wheel drive and a better soundtrack.

However, the S 63’s biggest rivals will most likely be from within its own stable. For £30k less, the S500 offers a subtler alternative, or, if money is no object, the S 65, with its 621bhp V12, should prove to be even more exclusiveIn any instance, be wary of ticking the options boxes.