The C 63 is one of AMG’s finest moments to date. It has a completeness to its dynamic repertoire that has eluded many previous Mercedes AMG products.

Apart from being shatteringly quick and beautifully made, it’s also just a thumping good car to drive. The not-so-good elements are the ride and the range (and they’re both quite serious issues), but the C 63 remains an intoxicating and desirable car in any of its body styles. There's a lot to like about a roomy and versatile estate that goes and sounds like a C 63.

We are smitten with this car, and no mistake

Despite its poor economy, the naturally aspirated 6.2-litre V8 remains the pinnacle of AMG engine design in many people's eyes, with the sort of aggressive character and throttle response that is hard to replicate in a turbocharged engine, and could easily be reason enough to opt for this C 63 over any of its rivals.

But thanks to the way the C 63 handles and the quality of its interior, it's certainly not the only reason to want one.