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Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

This is where the Maserati GranCabrio’s considerable length pays off, because this is a convertible with genuine legroom for four adults. However, legroom is just one component of comfort, and in other respects the GranCabrio is more restrictive. To make space for the roof mechanism, the rear seats have been moved inwards and raised, which restricts headroom when the roof is up. Obviously, there are no such issues with the top lowered. 

Generally, airflow with the roof lowered is well managed, particularly with the rear windows raised. However, the height of the rear seats causes another issue at speed because it places taller rear-seat passengers in the airflow.

Despite these foibles, the GranCabrio remains one of the most spacious four-seat convertibles on the market, perhaps bettered by only the Bentley Continental GTC. However, it stops short of being one you would choose for a cross-continent trip, especially considering the frankly pathetic boot space. 

In order to restore some of the structural rigidity lost in the conversion from coupé to convertible, the boot now incorporates a torsion wall, reducing the volume from 260 to 173 litres. Worse still, the space left is an awkward shape. 

Elsewhere, the cabin reflects the same highs and lows as the GranTurismo’s. Although the overall design and material choice are of a standard to merit the price, there are a few ergonomic slip-ups. The worst of those are the optional ‘comfort’ front seats, which many of us struggled to get comfortable in – not least because, despite a range of adjustment, they lack any form of lumbar control, a curious omission. 

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Inside there is swathes of leather and polished wood crafted for the GranCabrio and is dominated by a 7.0in touchscreen infotainment system, which is functional but lacks the refinement and ease of use that makes the BMW, Mercedes and Audi systems a doddle to use. There is also touches of Alcantara, including on the back of the paddle shifters. Upgrade to the GranCabrio Sport sees aggressive details added to the exterior, while inside the front seats have been replaced for a sportier variant although if you crave heated or electrically adjustable seats then expect to part with more money.

The MC Stradale models gain numerous sporty details such as a sports steering wheel, alloy pedals, lashings of Alcantara and carbonfibre and bigger race-inspired paddle shifters, while the Centienial model adds a stylish, limited edition range-topper to complete the range, with a bespoke blue paintjob and white leather interior finished with blue stitching.