When Lamborghini expressed an ambition for the Huracán Evo to prise business from Porsche’s GT division and McLaren, we were sceptical. And rightly so.

TheLamborghini four-wheel-drive Huracán remains an imperfect driver’s tool, more heavily and obviously reliant on clever chassis electronics than any 911 GT3 and less expressive or flowing in its handling than the explosive V10 engine note suggests. It’s an awe-inspiring machine, but also one that lacks the depth and breadth of talent seen in several rivals.

The finest driver’s car Lamborghini makes is also the most attainable

This rear-drive take on the Huracán Evo is different and demonstrates the sort of fundamental handling appeal that brings this car close to meeting Lamborghini’s original ambition. The rear-defined balance, new-found delicacy in the steering and a propensity for oversteer that requires genuine respect for the forces involved combine to deliver an old-school kind of supercar experience, albeit one with excellent everyday drivability and manageable dimensions.

Capable of searing pace and with an engine to die for, the Huracán Evo RWD shows that even in the heights of the flamboyant, bombastic supercar class, less can still be more. More of this, please, Lamborghini.

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