Engine options, speed, acceleration and refinement

Global events precluded the scrutiny of telemetry, but Lamborghini’s claims usually prove trustworthy.

Therefore, there’s little reason to doubt the rear-drive Huracán will accelerate to 62mph in 3.3sec, to 124mph in a shade over nine and on past 200mph, making this the first entry-level Lamborghini to do so. The Lamborghini regular Huracán goes even quicker, needing 2.9sec to hit 62mph.

Aesthetic changes for the two-wheel drive Huracán are few but, to quickly identify one of these cars, look at the rear diffuser. The design is simpler, with two large venturi tunnels, and it is not painted the same colour as the body.

However, once on the move, when the tractive benefits of a driven front axle have ebbed, the ‘lesser’ variant gives away almost nothing and both cars exhibit truly stomach-turning pace. After all, only 11bhp per tonne separates them, although in this respect the McLaren 570S beats both Lamborghinis, and the McLaren 720S and F8 Tributo do better still.

However, none is anywhere near as glorious as the Huracán, whose V10 delivery is every bit as linear and pure as you can imagine, all the way to the 8500rpm redline.

Only the race-derived 4.0-litre flat six in the Porsche 911 GT3 feels so satisfying and elemental, and even that engine has recently lost some of its electrifying rasp, courtesy of new filters. The Lamborghini’s massive displacement also has an impact, with 70% of torque arriving at only 1000rpm, ensuring that despite the lack of forced induction, severe performance is only an ankle flex away. To bastardise Samuel Johnson’s famous words, if you’re tired of this engine, you’re tired of cars.

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But this powertrain also has manners to match the mayhem. Never is there any suggestion the engine might suddenly overwhelm the chassis and, unless severely provoked, traction is supreme in the dry.

Apart from its keenness to hitch the highest possible gear at all times, the dual-clutch transmission – lightning quick on the attack – is lazily clinical when you want to make your way calmly in Strada mode, and it’s easy company in town. You may at times even forget what exactly is nestling barely 12in behind your ears.