In many critical areas, particularly its build quality and chassis, the Koenigsegg is on a par with the best.

Even its performance, which is convincingly shaded by the allegedly less powerful Zonda, is still mighty by almost any other standards; and that with an engine that may have been some distance from being truly on song.

The CC8S doesn't quite offer the promised McLaren-equalling performance

If there is disappointment, it stems from the promise of at least McLaren-equalling performance in a half-priced package.

And, with the best will in the world, the Koenigsegg never looked or felt like dislodging the F1's nine-year grip on the title of 'world's fastest car'.

Still, it's a welcome and impressive newcomer to the growing ranks of 200mph super cars, and unlike any other since the Mclaren, it has proved its claim in an Autocar road test.

That, given its origins, is a remarkable achievement.