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Track-targetted versions of Swedish exotic are stiffer and pricier still
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28 November 2007

There are evidently customers who find the 806bhp, €550,000 Koenigsegg CCX insufficiently powerful, far too cheap and nowhere near quick enough. Most are astronauts, amphetamine addicts or in long term mental health care, we assume.

But there must be enough of them in general circulation for the Swedish marque to today announce a limited edition version of its supercar with more than 1000bhp and a stiffer chassis setup. And that's because you don't make a £1million supercar without knowing exactly who's going to buy it.

These are the first pictures of the new Koenigsegg CCXR Edition. It’ll be shown to the world at the Geneva motor show next March, when the first deliveries will also be made. The firm will make just six of them in all, and a further 14 examples of the slightly less powerful CCX Edition.

The CCXR version, however, will get more than 1000bhp, will be capable of more than 250mph, and will cost a frankly staggering €1,500,000. Plus tax.

Koenigsegg goes carbonfibre crazy

The last Koenigsegg had a mix of carbon and Kevlar chassis components and body panels; this one is literally covered in carbonfibre and it’s largely unpainted. It’s also got part-carbonfibre wheels, for that ultra-lightweight, “I’ve-got-more-money-than-Switzerland” effect.

The CCXR Edition has a lower ride height and stiffer chassis settings than a standard CCX. It’s also got stiffer anti-roll bars and reset dampers intended to keep it rock solid and upright on the circuit, and that adjustable rear wing on the back, aided by the larger front splitter and new side strakes, does its bit to keep the car stuck to the ground at speed.

… and it runs on sugar beet

Beneath the CCXR Edition’s engine cover is a version of its 5.0-litre twin-supercharged V8 that, like the one in the CCXR Flower Power concept shown at Geneva this year, has been adapted to run on higher octane bioethanol fuel.

On E85, this thing produces 1004bhp at 7000rpm and 740lb ft of torque at 5600rpm. It’ll do 0-124mph in 8.9sec (a Veyron does it in 7.4) and corner at 1.4g. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the price works out at £1,070,470 at the current exchange rate, before you've paid HMRC its share.

For that, Koenigsegg will throw in five years warranty and servicing. Who knows, they might even take your semi-detached three bedroomer in Finchley as a deposit, provided you’ve got another two against which to secure the finance. After all, these Swedes are rooted people.


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11 November 2008

mega that all ui can say....

11 November 2008

I'm struggling not to say "meh". I wonder if any will make it onto European roads? Doubtful I'd say. I just can't get excited about this car, not sure why. I'll have a think about it.

29 May 2009

could be because its so vulgar it ceases to be considerable as "exciting".

29 May 2009

Impressive performance, but a trifle chavtastic.

This is just as quick.

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