Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

Limited time with the car meant we were unable to run our usual fuel consumption tests, but it would be reasonable to expect it to return around 16mpg if drove sparingly and about half that if it's caned.

Its four fuel tanks have a combined capacity of 80 litres which should provide a realistic range of around 250 miles.

It would be reasonable to expect the CC8S to return about 16mpg

Disregard Koenigsegg's optimistc 23.5mpg claimed combined consumption figureHaving said that, it should be no thirstier than you'd expect of a 200mph supercar.

In terms of depreciation, with cars such as these, so much depends on public perception. Look at the Jaguar XJ220, which carried a list price of £403,000, yet many ended up being knocked out at well over £100,000 less and were soon worth just half of that. Yet the £627,000 McLaren F1 is still worth half a million or more.

Time will tell what fate befalls the Koenigsegg, though we'd not advise buying one as an investment. Then again, if Koenigsegg's plans to race the car come to fruition and if it continues to sell in quantities limited by supply not demand, it may maintain its value reasonably well.

That said, when the competition has heritage like that of Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes, it's hard to see its residuals doing as well by comparison.