Back in 2002, Sweden's first supercar came with promise of McLaren F1-style performance for a much lower price. Could it deliver?

As everyone knows, supercars come from Britain, Italy and Germany.

Sure, the Americans have their Vipers and 'Vettes, but if you're looking for cars to whom 200mph is just another figure on the dial, all of them, from McLaren F1 to Jaguar XJ220, past Pagani Zonda and Ferrari Enzo to Mercedes-Benz SLR and Porsche Carrera GT, come from these three countries. They own the state.

On paper, the performance figures are just shy of the McLaren F1

At least, they did until now. The £366,596 (€425,000) Koenigsegg CC8S may well have the silliest-sounding name since Nissan's Pantryboy Supreme, but that doesn't mean it should be treated with anything other than deadly seriousness.

And here's why: its makers claim it has 655bhp and weighs 1275kg. To save you the maths, that gives it a power-to-weight ratio of 514bhp per tonne – just shy of the McLaren F1. On this basis, what you're about to read should be a road test of one of the fastest production cars the world has ever seen.

And it is Swedish.