With its first all-electric model, Jaguar has not only beaten wealthier rivals to the punch but also set a high bar for those to come after it.

The Jaguar I-Pace is not quite the dynamic masterstroke some might have expected, but plainly has enough dynamism for owners to take much encouragement and satisfaction from the car’s driving experience. The car also has performance bordering on the wild, a design effective in being progressive yet recognisably Jaguar, and a fine interior – all of which should secure it the consideration of anyone who cares about driving and sustainability.

Jag’s landmark car strikes a heavy blow to Tesla’s luxury EV monopoly

The scarcity of compatible rapid-charging infrastructure means those owners may be frustrated when not allowed to use their cars for the effortless long-distance cruising to which the I-Pace would otherwise be suited. Moreover, its electronic chassis aids and torque vectoring systems don’t quite deliver the revolutionary handling we were promised.

But, to keep proper perspective, we must give due recognition to Jaguar: it has produced a true driver’s car here – and a bold, appealing and hugely innovative one at that.