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Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

An entry-level Jaguar F-Type V6 will set you back more than £56,000 – over £4k more than a Porsche 718 Boxster S with a PDK gearbox. The R starts at over £95,000. For the test car we sampled, swaddled in extras, the price tag buoyed to more than £101,000 – only pocket change shy of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster.

The eight-cylinder car, with its balletic flamboyance and aural provocation, arguably sidesteps some of the usual financial comparisons because it is so dramatically singular that sufficiently deep-pocketed buyers (not inhibited by its 259g/km CO2 emissions, nor its 25.5mpg official average) will simply reckon it essential. Early interest in the model suggests that much may well be true. 

If you can only conceive of buying the R, the ‘switchable’ active exhaust is a joy to behold

For those making a once-in-a-decade purchase, the waters are muddier. The V6 S represents the range sweet spot at £69,250, handily undercutting the 911 cabriolet’s price and outgunning the Boxster in a straight line. It also retains the V8’s adaptive suspension and adds a mechanical limited-slip diff, 19-inch wheels, cruise control and the option of the all-important active exhaust. 

The promise of an emissions cut to 213g/km and improved economy (31mpg on the combined cycle) will attract those digging deep into their savings, particularly as it virtually matches the figures produced by a Porsche 718 Boxster S.

The more parsimonious would-be buyer will be attracted by the entry-level F-Type V6. But truth be told, after the £9000 saving on the screen price, running costs are virtually identical, with CO2 emissions and fuel economy improved only to the tune of 4g/km and 0.4mpg.

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But in any case, the F-Type buying experience still requires a tick or two. Sat-nav and a DAB tuner may be standard across the range, yet other niceties - rain-sensing wipers, heated seats, wind deflector, heated windscreen and heated steering wheel - are all three-figure additions.