Japan version of the Infiniti M ruffles the XF, 5-Series and E-class

What is it?

Infiniti will launch a renewed assault on the usual German premium suspects in Europe next September, with the new M37 sports saloon.

The Nissan Fuga, the car you see here, is essentially the Japanese-speaking version of that car. Out now in Tokyo, it's every inch a rival for the XF, 5-Series and E-Class in terms of spec, size and outlook.

What's it like?

The Fuga has a sleek, athletic shape and, while it seems big in the metal, at 4945mm long, it's actually a touch shorter than an XF, as well as taller but slightly narrower.

Inside, the Fuga works well for comfort and space and comes sumptuously appointed. There are clear instruments and plenty of kit, but still hints of chintzy trad Japan to the overall decor that ex-Cedric owners may relish.

Dynamically, this top grade Fuga 370GT Type S (with the same V6 engine as the 370Z), is fast and fluent, with fine body control and a sportingly firm yet well controlled ride. In short, it's a car high on driver appeal that could also give the XF a run for its money.

While the Infiniti M37 will also offer a V6 diesel in EU trim, here today, the Z-based 3.7-litre V6 makes a powerful statement. It's not the most refined engine around but is strong, goes hard and working with a seven-speed paddleshift auto with downshift blipping, gives the Fuga a real sporting edge.

On big 20-inch rims, the Fuga corners and grips keenly too. This Type S gets the works in terms of tech, including Active 4WS, and combines XF-class agility and poise with quick, accurate steering. Ride quality is taut (maybe too taut at speed) but then this the full-on sports suspension package.

Should I buy one?

Hi-res Nissan Fuga pictures

There's no question, the Nissan Fuga is a bold effort - perhaps bold enough to ruffle a feather or two when it arrives in September 2010.

The price will be key, too, and the standard kit list - if transferred to Europe - suggests the car is also going to be good value.

Peter Nunn

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Widescreen 15 December 2009

Re: Nissan Fuga 370GT Type S

The only reason I know who Datsun is is simply as one of my college lecturers had one, it was brilliant, he had it from new, no rust...it must have been 15 years (at least), it had only had one new exhaust, nothing else had gone wrong with; it was used every day etc

So my experience of Datsun was briliant, but most of the readers here will not know the really good cars Datsun had; most readers will probably just about remember the Nissan Bluebird which was a fantastically reliable car, how many bluebird taxis! (speaks a lot).

This car will sell, people said exactly the same with Lexus when they launched, people said exactly the same about the Japanese cars in the sixties; they were wrong also. I am quite a youngish chap, i do not want the pin strip suite and a regimental BMW or Merc...the Lexus brand is chavvy, BMW is chavvy...and MB brand is now dipping without doubt....

...i want something different, something stylish, something sculptured, something good, something that compliments my self assured, confident and not afraid of new things and or to have different ideas and a be different voice, voice...me i want the 370GT..and that is why it will sell....and it will most definately sell...no doubt...it is the thinking persons car...well done Inifiniti and well done Nissan!

RallyeSport Guy 15 December 2009

Re: Nissan Fuga 370GT Type S

no matter how good the car is, it has a major problem, the badge. execs are picky in what they buy, and if it does not have a bmw, audi or merc nadge their not intrested. remeber what happened to the vw phaeton.

QuickNick101 15 December 2009

Re: Nissan Fuga 370GT Type S

I like it; I am no badge snob and I understand the general Autocar reading public are mainly interested in driver involvement, car dynamics and balance; therefore I feel that this car does have a chance of getting some decent sales in the UK. If the quality is there, and they undercut the competition, I can see myself riding around in a 7 speed dual clutch 3.7 litre sports saloon. Whats the problem?!