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Infiniti reveals the price of its new BMW 5-series rival, the M37

Infiniti's new entry-level M37 saloon will be more than £2000 cheaper than the equivalent BMW 5-series, the company has revealed.

The new M37 saloon, powered by a 317bhp 3.7-litre V6 engine, will be sold at £35,150, undercutting the £37,300 BMW 535i SE by £2150. That car is powered by a turbocharged 3.0-litre straight six engine producing 302bhp.

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All M saloon models have a seven-speed auto gearbox, xenon headlights lights, 10-way adjustable seats and a reversing camera as standard.

Next up the ladder from the base £35,150 M37 is the M37GT (from £37,650), and the M37S (from £39,650). The GT is the more luxurious choice, coming with semi-aniline leather, heated and ventilated front seats and White Ash wood trim. The S is more sporting, offering 4-Wheel Active Steering, sports suspension, sports seats, gearshift paddles and 20-inch alloy wheels.

At the top of the range are 'Premium' versions of the GT and S models, costing £43,000 and £45,000 respectively. These come with every option box ticked, including a 16-speaker Bose sound system.

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In all trim levels, the M gets from 0-62mph in 6.2 secs and can reach a top speed limited to 155 mph. Combined economy is 27.7 mpg, while CO2 emissions are 235g/km.

The car will initially only be available from Infiniti's sole Reading dealership, but further Infiniti Centres are due to open in Glasgow, Birmingham and Central London soon.

The M37 is the first of three saloons in Infiniti's M range and will be followed by the diesel M30d in October and hybrid M35h in 2011.

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850Csi 20 July 2010

Re: Infiniti's 5-series from £35,150

dutchmaestro wrote:

850Csi wrote:
I find it funny that people here are calling the Infinti M a "Datsun", as if to degrade the brand somehow. My 5 year old kiddie isn't so childish. I guess that is why those in the states are always referring to Europeans as "insecure eurotrash". I don't blame them honestly.

mate, we may be trash but at least we don't bang on about some so-so Jap-crap that's had two name changes in the last generation and is seen pitifully by yanks as almost a home brand. we eurotrash tend to prefer actual thoroughbreds, like mercs that can trace a lineage 120+ years, and still essentially represent the ethos and culture of a society they're born from, unlike the bastard child American-Nissan-Infiniti, er, that's now owned by the eurotrash French. stick to movies, fast food and bombing innocent civilians, you're not too bad at that crap. leave the complicated stuff to the grown ups in the old countries.

I pretty much expected this extremely xenophobic response. Don't worry, it actually doesn't bother me, considering some of the great British auto brands are now owned by Indians. In fact, it actually makes me laugh at the irony. It also happens to be funny that the US car rag Car & Driver placed the new 5-Series dead last in comparison test, losing to the "Jap-crap" "bastard-child" Infiniti.

lucasworldcars 20 July 2010

Re: Infiniti's 5-series from £35,150

Start the range from the base model 5-series and it will make sense. Starting it from the same price as the 535i is dumb.

VX220EDDIE 20 July 2010

Re: Infiniti's 5-series from £35,150

the fact of the matter is many have tried and failed in this market audi bmw and mercedes have it sown up end of