Car review

Infiniti QX50 2018-2020

Infiniti's QX50 is powered by the world's first mass-produced variable compression ratio engine. How well does this clever piece of tech suit the luxury SUV?

29 November 2018
Car review

Infiniti Q60 2016-2018

Infiniti’s mid-sized coupé has the looks to do well, but little of the substance to go with them

From £33,0564
9 January 2017
Car review

Infiniti QX30 2016-2020

The QX30 is likeable for its fair refinement and comfort, but small inside and with merely adequate handling

From £30,1957
21 June 2016
Car review

Infiniti Q30 2015-2020

Infiniti looks to a premium hatch to make its breakthrough in Europe, but faces stiff competition from established brands like the BMW 1 series and Audi A3

From £19,6717
15 March 2016
Car review

Infiniti QX70 2013-2018

Infiniti's SUV retains its purposeful pace and handling but feels even further adrift from its rivals in this ever-improving class

From £41,9015
11 May 2015
Car review

Infiniti Q70 2013-2018

Britain's least-known mid-sized exec gets new fleet credentials

From £32,6515
6 March 2015
Car review

Infiniti Q50 2014-2020

Is this less individualist Infiniti saloon more of a threat to German rivals?

From £28,5715
14 February 2014
Car review

Infiniti EX 2009-2015

The Infiniti EX offers an engaging drive, but has limited practicality and high running costs

From £35,8017
23 April 2012
Car review

Infiniti M 2010-2013

The Infiniti M is a likeable and capable, if expensive, alternative to the obvious

From £37,3667
27 March 2012
Car review

Infiniti FX 2009-2013

The Infiniti FX is an interesting alternative to the norm, but lacks space and comfort to compete in this class

From £45,0016
27 March 2012
Car review

Infiniti G Series 2009-2013

The Infiniti G-series is well equipped and is offered with a high-class cabin. It is pricey though

From £33,3716
20 January 2012