Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

With a WLTP-certified range of just 125 miles and a post-OLEV grant price of £29,160, the E Advance looks like a pricey car however you define it.

Against the latest range-topping Renault Zoe (239 miles, £30,995) and Peugeot e-208 GT (211 miles, £30,275), it lacks both range and some practicality. Even the flagship Mini Electric (140-141 miles, £30,900) – a car that raised similar range and price-related concerns to the E – marginally outperforms it on paper. When you factor in an average test economy figure of 3.1mpkWh, the Honda’s real-world range looks closer to 110 miles, although versions on smaller wheels and less sporting tyres ought to add about 10% to this.

You’ll have to be committed to the idea of using the E as a short-range commuter – just as Honda intends – to seriously consider it, then. Those who do take the plunge will find a car that’s generously equipped, stylish, comfortable, dynamically interesting and well built, which allows it to claw back half a star or so in this section.

But even for those city-hopping few, you’d imagine there will be times when the car’s limited battery range will become a frustration.