The Toyota Mirai scored a four-star road test commendation for its boldness and significance – and four stars may be translated as ‘very good’.

Honda’s like-for-like vision for hydrogen motoring deserves greater recognition in some ways (performance, packaging, driving range) and a bit less in others.

Honda’s innovative spirit makes a fuel cell future seem more realistic

So overall, it seems fair to award it the same score, one intended to reflect the remarkable effort and commitment that has brought the Clarity this far, but also the distance it still has to go before it can be a realistic choice for most drivers.

Some of the remaining progress isn’t for Honda to make, of course.

Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure has a fraction of the UK coverage of, say, fast-charge facilities for EVs and it’ll clearly be a while longer before fuel cell technology can be cheap enough to affect people’s lives in really large numbers.

But what the Clarity does, just like the Mirai, is give you heart that it’ll happen; that the car industry is doing its bit; and that the FCVs we’ll be driving in 25 years won’t be all that different from the ones we’re driving now.

As a result of Honda’s vision, the Clarity jumps to the top of our FCV top five ahead of the Toyota Mirai, the Hyundai ix35 FCV, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell and the Riversimple Rasa.


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