Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

At £35,860 for a diesel in basic Premium Line trim, the G70 looks like fairly good value as it’s fitted with a reasonable level of standard equipment (a comparable 320d costs a few thousand pounds more). However, certain desirable options come only as part of very expensive packs.

If you don’t want leatherette upholstery or gloss black trim, you’ll need to pay £5450 more for Luxury Line, though that does also add 18in wheels, heated seats and steering wheel, an electric bootlid and adaptive dampers. Meanwhile, the seat cushion extension only comes as part of the £1850 Comfort Seat Pack, which itself is not available with Premium Line. Spec a 320d to match our car and it’s barely more expensive. It doesn’t get better on PCP finance, with particularly pessimistic residual values explaining the G70’s expensive monthly rates.

CAP’s experts project that the BMW will be worth more in its second year than the Genesis in its first year.

The fuel economy doesn’t make up for it, either. During our test, we managed an MPG in the low 40s. Not a disaster, but we’ve come to expect better in this class.

Genesis’s unusual way of selling cars might appeal to you, though. It has no dealers but a brand store in London, with a few more on the way, where the prices are the same as online and the customer service reps don’t work on sales commission. Test drives can be arranged at home, though only in select regions for now.

If you buy a Genesis, you are also assigned a ‘personal assistant’, who can help with any enquiries and who will arrange home vehicle collections for servicing, which is free for five years or 50,000 miles. The warranty also lasts for five years but is not limited by mileage.

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