Strip away the historical namecheck and semi-evocative styling cues and what does the Mach-E leave you with? In short, an encouragingly good full-sized electric car, and one that clearly makes an attempt to bring some discernible dynamic personality into a class that’s generally lacking.

In Extended Range RWD form, Ford’s first proper EV doesn’t dazzle us with warp-speed acceleration. In fact, the powertrain is unremarkable other than for the excellent driving range it provides, and it is the chassis that brings driving satisfaction, with its appreciable poise and playfulness when the moment takes you.

Worthy of the name? Perhaps not, but still impressive and likeable

Outright fun? Like its rivals, the Ford is too heavy for that, and its steering too synthetic, but this is the most pleasing driver’s car of its ilk.

Fears that the Mach-E would be very much ‘style over substance’ are further dispelled by what is a truly spacious and airy cabin, even if the look of the place is somewhat unimaginative and perceived quality a rung or two below what you’ll find in European rivals.

The Mach-E is nevertheless good enough in these respects, and by dint of its strong usability and Ford’s approach to dynamics, goes to the top of the class.

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