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Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

If you’re after an electric crossover, there are good reasons why the Mach-E would slot very easily into your day-to-day life. Chief among those reasons is driving range.

With 88kWh of usable battery capacity, the Extended Range version tested here returned consumption figures that suggest you can expect at least 250 miles of autonomy in real-world mixed driving conditions. At a steady 70mph, that increases to closer to 280 miles, and the 5.2mpkWh figure the Mach-E returned at 50mph translates to an outright range of more than 450 miles.

Ford is expected to retain 5% less of its original value than the Polestar 2 or Tesla Model 3 over three years. Even so, 50% isn’t bad going

These figures put the Ford right at the sharp end of the EV field, at any price point. Residuals for the Extended Range RWD car are also competitive, and the Mach-E is very well equipped across the board.

As for why you might not go for the Ford, you will from time to time as an owner throw envious glances at similarly priced EVs that offer comfortably more performance. The Model 3 will be one of those cars, and Tesla’s Supercharger network also makes its spacious junior saloon an easier car to use for longer trips.

The Mach-E may possess 150kW charging potential, but right now you’re still unlikely to find anything faster than a 50kW CCS charger, which will take the battery from 10% to 80% capacity in around 90 minutes. However, in this respect, the Ford faces only the same hurdles that all other electric cars not made by Tesla face, and they don’t tout its impressive range.

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