From £40,740
First UK drive of the all-new Galaxy, which looks very similar to the new S-Max, but offers more room and a better ride

What’s new?

Having tried the sporty S-Max on British roads, it’s now the new Galaxy’s turn. This is the more practical of the pair, with a more versatile cabin, extra space and a better ride. For those reasons, it costs a couple of grand more than the equivalent S-Max.

What’s it like?

There’s nothing ground-breaking here, but with seven seats that slide and fold individually (and without undue effort), the Galaxy’s airy interior is highly flexible, with 30 per cent more luggage space than before and a flat load area nearly 2.1 metres long in two-seat mode. The ride is more relaxed than that of the S-Max, but dynamically the Galaxy is terrific, with precise steering and body control that makes you forget you’re in a big box. As with the S-Max, continuously adaptive damping is an option, aiding ride and stability.

Should I buy one?

Absolutely. If you think sporty MPVs are pointless and want to retain maximum people-carrying versatility, the Galaxy is great value. Plus, as it’s a Ford, driver appeal doesn’t take a back seat.

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